Welcome to Sibu Island Resort Johor, Malaysia

Sibu Island Resort is an Island getaway located in the South-East region of Peninsular Malaysia. Located in the South China Sea, the waters are crystal clear with pristine white sandy beaches that are sure to set a perfect backdrop to a relaxing getaway. Travelling to Sibu Island Resort will involve taking a boat ride from Tanjung Leman Jetty which is located in Mersing, Johor. The boat ride will take duration of 30 minutes and will span a distance of 13km to the Island. Sibu Island resort is a welcoming sight for holiday makers of all sorts. From newlyweds who want to enjoy a romantic getaway to friends and families who want a good “outdoor activity packed holiday” experience at Sibu Island Resort there’s an assortment of activities or arrangements that can be pre-planned in order fully enjoy the time spent at the resort.

The assortments of activities are categorized into Land, Sea and team building activities. For those who want to warm up with fun activities on the Island before getting into the sea, with a small fee, holiday goers will have a choice of Abseiling (which is a controlled decent down a rock face with a secured rope to guide the person to the bottom), Beach volleyball or soccer, A campfire set up, Fish feeding, Jungle trekking and Tennis.

As it is an Island resort, you won’t be disappointed to discover the list of fun activities that are available for the guests to enjoy. Set at its own respective price lists the rides and activities available range from A banana boat ride, Island hopping, Kayaking/Canoing, Sea cruising(60 minutes), Sea fishing, Snorkelling which takes you to the four prime snorkelling locations which is the coral garden, Sibu Kukus Island, Sibu Besar Island, Simbang Island and Tinggi Island which all offer its very own unique snorkelling experience. Besides the snorkelling and sea cruise, a sunset cruise is also available for a duration of 60 minutes.

Sibu Island Resort is one of the biggest havens for divers around the world looking for something a little different and unique from the others. Diving activities are also scheduled for certified and non-certified divers. The dive course available includes first a diver refreshment course DSD, and a brief shore dive for those who want to refresh what they have learnt or for those who are non-certified divers. For the certified divers Fun Dive activities are available for certified divers to Pulau Sibu Tengah, Pulau Lima, and Pulau Tinggi. Certified divers are also allowed to participate in the Adopt a coral activity where divers replant corals for future preservation. Diving gets a little more interesting with the Night Dive scheduled where divers will get to experience the fascinating observation of sea life in its natural habitat at night! For those who are planning on getting the basics and fundamentals of diving right, there is an open water diving course available where one will have the chance to take a dive with the pros and learn what it takes to dive him or herself. All diving courses and activites include diving equipment such as masks, regulator, BCD and wet suit.

Once you are tired of good days of activities and it is time to come back to the accommodation available, you will be glad to know that you are spoilt for good choice. The rooms at Sibu Island Resort offer a natural feel of a tropical Island combined with the genuine ambience of what Sibu Island is. We have various types of accommodation available to suit the required capacity of holiday goers among which we start with the Superior Room which consists of 1 twin or King bed with a restroom. This simple chalet offers privacy and comfort with a touch of warmth. We move on to the Serindit suites which offer the authentic architecture of a Malay house with its elevated supports it offers 1 King sized bed, 1 restroom and a living room. If you have a larger family to accommodate we might just suggest the Layang-layang suites which are the larger range of chalet we offer to guests. This chalet is good for a family of 4 adults and 2 children where it offers 1 King sized bedroom, 1 twin bedroom, a restroom, a balcony and a living room. This room is ideal for a mid-sized family out a fun Island trip. For newlyweds we have the Honeymoon suites which offer the ultimate in privacy and pampering when it comes to the newly crowned love birds. The honeymoon suite offers the romantic setting and ambience perfect to provide that romantic backdrop with only 3 units available consisting of 1 king bedroom 1 restroom and a balcony that is perfectly suited for a memorable honeymoon. The crème de la crème of accommodations at the Sibu Island Resort is of course the Raja Udang Suites. These suites are there for those holiday goers who can’t escape luxury in the deep lush greenery of nature. Designed to make its guests feel like a king and queen, this suite comes with 1 King bedroom, 1 twin bedroom, 2 restrooms and a balcony. With that the rooms are equally provided with all the essentials including Air conditioning, Astro/TV, IDD telephone, Minibar, In – room safe deposit box, Complimentary internet connection, Coffee and tea making facilities, 2 complimentary bottles of drinking water and a hot shower unit.

With so many activities combined with luxury accommodation for various types of holiday goers, Sibu Island Resort is a perfect getaway which doesn’t make you feel like you’re too far away from home. Beach, sand, diving, snorkelling, campfire, and many many more fun awaits you at Sibu Island Resort.

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